Sunday, April 02, 2006

Um... All Right!

Well, I just stopped doing homework and decided to go try for a Empress Hairpin so I can sell my Emperor's Hairpin for some gil. I logon, tele-altep, op warp to Valk and am there for less then 5 minutes when I see a guy running toward me. Immediately I turn around and spot a damsfly, I was going to attack it, but then I saw another in the distance. I run within 17 game feet, voke, kill and here's the result.


70NIN Do you need it?

Dinged 70 Ninja today. Pretty cool because now I can wear the Optical Hat. On other notes I think either me or Ninjafox claimed Aspid roughly a week ago. No drops that benefit me, but the linkshell more over. Been swarmed with homework for now and still on social for 6 more days. /hurray.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Well, WHM levels easily. 31WHM/15BLM all right! Been leveling my ass off, need to focus on school the next few days though. Still on Unsent social -.- おやすみ~

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Playing again~!

All right! I've been playing again at school and this is what I've got so far.
Took NIN to 66 and put it on hold for now to level WHM/BLM. 16WHM/18BLM right now and I've been put on linkshell 'Social' status for 1 month for missing K.B. to level WHM/BLM so I can attend Niddhogg (Something I wasn't particularly fond of).

Deceit (Our CoP static) was going to try Ouryu last night, we finally had gotten a sixth. So we're on our way there, first Riverne-Site #B01 island and our Summoner DC'd....So we all said fuck it and went to try anyway. The fight was going really well, we got him down to approximately 8% within winning, it was quite a battle. He Stonega'd me after I put shadows up, then I couldn't get Ichi up and he killed me. So the WHM died too, and I raised, we slept it, recovered, started fighting again, and it took to the air after we used our last Mismelt and it used its crazy air move and owned us. It was at 8% and our BLM was casting freeze that would have ended it, but sadly got killed ; ;