Monday, May 19, 2008

{Welcome Back!}

Well, I've just returned from an 8 day cruise. That was a nice little break from technology and a good vacation. We hit some rough waters through the duration of the trip and still, 3 days later, I am rocking with the waves. So today we did Omega and it went very smooth. Got Head, Hands, Feet, and Body. I got the body, which makes me 4/5 Homam, very exciting. :D
There you can see me in my schnazzy new body piece. I've been meritting lately and figured that Homam would be better on mobs which I use meat dishes for, considering its +15 Accuracy and +2.5% Triple Attack boost to my already 10 Triple Attack. I think it'd be nice for Colibri and such, but stuff I use sushi for, I imagine Raparee Harness being better with the haste +4%. I'm trying to cap merits in all things before I decide what I really want to do but I have left:

12 Merits to finish out HP/MP
27 Merits to finish out Attributes
21 Merits to finish out Combat Skills
18 Merits to finish out Magic Skills
9 Merits to finish out T1 Thief abilities
18 Merits to finish out T2 Thief abilities
A LOT of merits to finish T1&T2 Ninja abilities
21 Merits to finish out T1 Summoner abilities
21 Merits to finish out T2 Summoner abilities

141 merits to go.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lord of Onzozo

Anyways...Notice how Onzozo looks like a catterpiller? Thats strange. Today Aable, Zang, and I went for it after Zeng had exclaimed on ventrilo that it had popped. They're a good bunch of people these fellows. I'll go into that later, perhaps when I get drunk or something... But heres the kill pic
That Shall Shell has to be worth so much...Not. Limbus has been going well. We had a little bit of drama the other day trying to do a triple run, but everything seems to have smoothed over. I recently got the finishes pieces to my Thief and Ninja AF+1 materials. I decided that the Rogue's Armlets were probably the only thing worth it for the thief equip and I'll go for the Ninja Chainmail +1 body. The +15% base agi that the armlets add make it a great piece for trick attack damage. My girlfriend recently stopped playing since she rarely played and I was paying her bill. It was fun while it lasted :p.

Earlier we attempted to do Hydra, but he ended up owning us because like 5 of us DC'd, but that was fun as hell.

Anyways, little post update...We did Cassie last night, which was a very interesting fight. We get there and Fishura's group had some trouble doing it, so they invited our group to the alliance, but that was kind of a bad idea because we just fed it TP and ended up nearly wiping. So everyone wipes and I'm left to solo it down from about 11%. Once I loaded up on evasion +, it could barely hit me, but it was still pretty exciting.