Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lord of Onzozo

Anyways...Notice how Onzozo looks like a catterpiller? Thats strange. Today Aable, Zang, and I went for it after Zeng had exclaimed on ventrilo that it had popped. They're a good bunch of people these fellows. I'll go into that later, perhaps when I get drunk or something... But heres the kill pic
That Shall Shell has to be worth so much...Not. Limbus has been going well. We had a little bit of drama the other day trying to do a triple run, but everything seems to have smoothed over. I recently got the finishes pieces to my Thief and Ninja AF+1 materials. I decided that the Rogue's Armlets were probably the only thing worth it for the thief equip and I'll go for the Ninja Chainmail +1 body. The +15% base agi that the armlets add make it a great piece for trick attack damage. My girlfriend recently stopped playing since she rarely played and I was paying her bill. It was fun while it lasted :p.

Earlier we attempted to do Hydra, but he ended up owning us because like 5 of us DC'd, but that was fun as hell.

Anyways, little post update...We did Cassie last night, which was a very interesting fight. We get there and Fishura's group had some trouble doing it, so they invited our group to the alliance, but that was kind of a bad idea because we just fed it TP and ended up nearly wiping. So everyone wipes and I'm left to solo it down from about 11%. Once I loaded up on evasion +, it could barely hit me, but it was still pretty exciting.

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