Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recent things..

Well, I've been busy as shit in real life lately. Been doing this orientation program at school, been more work than I had originally thought, but it's been fun. Haven't been on FFXI much to update too much...But heres an idea of what I've been up to lately..

Thats me Dander and Danteyy trio'ing some ZM was pretty fun. Immediately following that I went to help my friend Devlinne with some Windy mission..Then I think I just got bored and logged off. The game has had trouble keeping my attention as of late just because of weak merit parties and lack of things to do. Recently burned with Looco, Sclera, Sirinity, and Stonemage and got like 20k in an hour, which was really nice.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Blau Dolch

So lately I've been farming a ton to get a Blau Dolch. The AH price on the has been fluctuating quite often between 1.7m to 1.9m and today I happened to have around 1.9mil and was shouting in whitegate. Sakurato offered to sell me one for 1.8m and I had noticed they had purchased it for 1.87m, so I decided to buy it. Which in return is this:

Pretty sweet. I've got a bad headache now. ><.

Monday, May 19, 2008

{Welcome Back!}

Well, I've just returned from an 8 day cruise. That was a nice little break from technology and a good vacation. We hit some rough waters through the duration of the trip and still, 3 days later, I am rocking with the waves. So today we did Omega and it went very smooth. Got Head, Hands, Feet, and Body. I got the body, which makes me 4/5 Homam, very exciting. :D
There you can see me in my schnazzy new body piece. I've been meritting lately and figured that Homam would be better on mobs which I use meat dishes for, considering its +15 Accuracy and +2.5% Triple Attack boost to my already 10 Triple Attack. I think it'd be nice for Colibri and such, but stuff I use sushi for, I imagine Raparee Harness being better with the haste +4%. I'm trying to cap merits in all things before I decide what I really want to do but I have left:

12 Merits to finish out HP/MP
27 Merits to finish out Attributes
21 Merits to finish out Combat Skills
18 Merits to finish out Magic Skills
9 Merits to finish out T1 Thief abilities
18 Merits to finish out T2 Thief abilities
A LOT of merits to finish T1&T2 Ninja abilities
21 Merits to finish out T1 Summoner abilities
21 Merits to finish out T2 Summoner abilities

141 merits to go.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lord of Onzozo

Anyways...Notice how Onzozo looks like a catterpiller? Thats strange. Today Aable, Zang, and I went for it after Zeng had exclaimed on ventrilo that it had popped. They're a good bunch of people these fellows. I'll go into that later, perhaps when I get drunk or something... But heres the kill pic
That Shall Shell has to be worth so much...Not. Limbus has been going well. We had a little bit of drama the other day trying to do a triple run, but everything seems to have smoothed over. I recently got the finishes pieces to my Thief and Ninja AF+1 materials. I decided that the Rogue's Armlets were probably the only thing worth it for the thief equip and I'll go for the Ninja Chainmail +1 body. The +15% base agi that the armlets add make it a great piece for trick attack damage. My girlfriend recently stopped playing since she rarely played and I was paying her bill. It was fun while it lasted :p.

Earlier we attempted to do Hydra, but he ended up owning us because like 5 of us DC'd, but that was fun as hell.

Anyways, little post update...We did Cassie last night, which was a very interesting fight. We get there and Fishura's group had some trouble doing it, so they invited our group to the alliance, but that was kind of a bad idea because we just fed it TP and ended up nearly wiping. So everyone wipes and I'm left to solo it down from about 11%. Once I loaded up on evasion +, it could barely hit me, but it was still pretty exciting.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Swift Belt

Today was cool, my girlfriend hit level 8 as I PL'd her for a while. She's so funny..She was running around Zehrun Mines for like an hour trying to find the NPC for the first Bastok mission and wouldn't let me help her. Then she was so amazed by the auction house and didn't understand it until I told her that essentially...It's not an auction house.
Next was Limbus. We decided to do a split run, we failed the t1 run because of some confusion, but succeeded the t2 run, landing us one chip closer to another Ultima set. Limbus has been good lately, we've increased our numbers and turn out rate. I got WHM AF+1 material, but I tossed it because it's pretty useless for me now.
Then comes the Fomor Codex. I've had a Fomor Codex for a few weeks now and I decided to give it a go tonight. I threw together a random group from Whitegate and we set out to Sacrarium. So we get there, we start killing Stego's and Joelizzy lots for a Fomor Codex that dropped and got 997. So he gets the codex and then we move onto Red Mages near the Mithra pop room. After a few pulls I learn that I don't have the required hate...So we decide to keep kiling Fomor's around for subligar drops. So a Red Mage drops, and I convince Joelizzy to let the poor little JP RDM lot it, he agrees. So then DRK and NIN subligar drop and I lot both of them since I have NIN at 75 and I plan on taking DRK to 75 next I think. After a long while of killing Fomor's, I finally have enough hate to pop the Swift Belt NM. So I pop it and we fight it and I get it! 1/1 ! I was so excited, big thanks to Jurgen for sticking it through until 3:50 AM!
So after that we decide to farm more subligar, namely thief. Now Joelizzy's thief is 65 and mine is 75, with that being said I think its pretty fair that we both can lot any Gemini Subligar that drops. So on the last boss a Gemini Subligar drops and he rolls a 711...I stare at the screen and pray for a higher lot and roll a 832 (or something) and he drops party and proceeds to warp. I tried telling him that I'd help him tomorrow and that I had to go because it was 4:30 AM and my girlfriend was practically raping me... But he told me since I "renigged" on something I never agreed to in the first place, he'd never help me again. As I lol'd at that with my LS, a few people had stated some problems with him and labeled him selfish and a gil buyer, both of which I don't doubt. I felt bad for this one person who didn't get anything or cap their Fomor hate in the night so I told them to friend me and I'd commit to helping them sometimes tomorrow. So..recap: 3 Subligar and 1 Swift Belt tonight!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Girlfriend on FFXI w

That sexy Galka would be my girlfriend Daniella. She finally got the game! Lol, she enjoyed it last night just whacking the shit out of everything as I PL'd her a bit. She's kinda funny, she got mad because some guy was killing the crabs quicker than she was. Last night I just leveled Red Mage and PL'd her after I set up POL and installed it on her computer. It was fun~ , keep checking back for more exciting pictures.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Recent Accomplishments

Heya, don't know who reads this or cares to read it, but I have been doing quite a bit recently in game. Recently, Fishura and I have been maintaining the Shut Up And Dance Limbus shell. Things have been going well for us lately, we've been having great turn outs and lots of Homam Pieces dropping. I've been fortunate enough to get Homam Gambieras and Homam Manopolas
or however they're spelt. Also I've acquired Ninja Tekko +1 recently, which I'm happy about.

A few friends and I have gotten Boroka the past 2 days in a row resulting from 2 Horomusha Kote's. Not a bad fight, was kinda hard for me to tank at first, but the second time was way smoother. I got the Boroka earring, which is really sweet. Waiting for maintenance to be done and then its Limbus tonight.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Treasures of Aht Urhgan: O

Finally finished the Treasures of Aht Urhgan chapter of Final Fantasy 11, which means that I've completed all the expansions (with the exception of Apoc. Nigh). We ended up beating Alex by wiping with 2% left, then it Gospel of The Lost to regen to 5%, then we had to bring it down again and our Black Mage killed it with a Bio spell. I chose the Acc+4 Atk+4 ring mainly because Magic Accuracy does nothing for Summoner and its my only mage job as of now. Just finished my first run with Obsidian. It went well, I got the Key Item for Jeuno which is cool. I can't wait until I can start lotting some AF. The other day Looco, Soli, Jurgen and I went out to claim Adamantoise, but Aspidolechone popped in its place and we still got the claim. Ended up giving it to 1kn and helping them kill it. Was kinda funny. Random screenshots of recent things:

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Katoke obtains...

AMAZING! I managed to throw together a random group of players that I know and we actually got it...Well...Kinda of, check this

Right before my voke I saw the DRK from the other party camping it use stun on it... It didn't get claimed offly enough because we had aggro hate~....Kind of cool... I voked it, attacked it and we claimed it. I'm so happy, I 've spent about a week camping this thing!! Well, I think I've kept my cute girlfriend up for too long~ GOODNIGHT!
Edited...had times and shit w