Monday, March 10, 2008

Recent Accomplishments

Heya, don't know who reads this or cares to read it, but I have been doing quite a bit recently in game. Recently, Fishura and I have been maintaining the Shut Up And Dance Limbus shell. Things have been going well for us lately, we've been having great turn outs and lots of Homam Pieces dropping. I've been fortunate enough to get Homam Gambieras and Homam Manopolas
or however they're spelt. Also I've acquired Ninja Tekko +1 recently, which I'm happy about.

A few friends and I have gotten Boroka the past 2 days in a row resulting from 2 Horomusha Kote's. Not a bad fight, was kinda hard for me to tank at first, but the second time was way smoother. I got the Boroka earring, which is really sweet. Waiting for maintenance to be done and then its Limbus tonight.

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