Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maat's Cap

Thanks all who helped me, leveled with me, supported me, gave me advice, etc ... Was fun leveling all those jobs to 66 and fighting Maat.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

23,000 exp until all Maat jobs 66!

23,000 exp until Maat's Cap jobs 66 and BST DRK NIN BRD left to beat him on. excitement.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well, February has been treating me pretty well. So I think I'll just picture blog. Finished MNK and WHM to 66, currently at RDM62.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gil Deflation! Oh noes!

Was just taking a look at my old blog posts and stumbled across one back last year in February in which I showed my total job levels, merits and equity in non ra/ex gear. Was pretty interesting to see what I've done in a year or so. So last year the total equity of non ra/ex gear was 7,403,300 according to current prices that equity is now 5,860,175. Pretty interesting to see. However, this year total is 14,749,727. Which is pretty cool and shows just how much gil I've been able to make this past year.
2009 Job Levels

2010 Job Levels

And I have 263 merits now, compared to the 163 I had last year, pretty interesting. LB has been going great as of late, been doing a lot of claiming. Finally got Nid/Faf title, something that I've always wanted. LB Limbus has been going great, farmed/did 2 Omega sets and currently are 1 chip from Ultima set. Glad to be leading the group, it's been fun. Limbus is always one of those things that's fun to do and it's quick. Got Ixion Cape recently also, Crimson Cuisses, A. Hands, Suzaku Sune-ate, Bone Purification and working toward some bonecraft glasses. Forgot to mention I took Bonecraft probably from 0-71 this past year also. The game has been fun lately again. Now random pictures!