Sunday, April 02, 2006

Um... All Right!

Well, I just stopped doing homework and decided to go try for a Empress Hairpin so I can sell my Emperor's Hairpin for some gil. I logon, tele-altep, op warp to Valk and am there for less then 5 minutes when I see a guy running toward me. Immediately I turn around and spot a damsfly, I was going to attack it, but then I saw another in the distance. I run within 17 game feet, voke, kill and here's the result.


70NIN Do you need it?

Dinged 70 Ninja today. Pretty cool because now I can wear the Optical Hat. On other notes I think either me or Ninjafox claimed Aspid roughly a week ago. No drops that benefit me, but the linkshell more over. Been swarmed with homework for now and still on social for 6 more days. /hurray.