Friday, March 28, 2008

Swift Belt

Today was cool, my girlfriend hit level 8 as I PL'd her for a while. She's so funny..She was running around Zehrun Mines for like an hour trying to find the NPC for the first Bastok mission and wouldn't let me help her. Then she was so amazed by the auction house and didn't understand it until I told her that essentially...It's not an auction house.
Next was Limbus. We decided to do a split run, we failed the t1 run because of some confusion, but succeeded the t2 run, landing us one chip closer to another Ultima set. Limbus has been good lately, we've increased our numbers and turn out rate. I got WHM AF+1 material, but I tossed it because it's pretty useless for me now.
Then comes the Fomor Codex. I've had a Fomor Codex for a few weeks now and I decided to give it a go tonight. I threw together a random group from Whitegate and we set out to Sacrarium. So we get there, we start killing Stego's and Joelizzy lots for a Fomor Codex that dropped and got 997. So he gets the codex and then we move onto Red Mages near the Mithra pop room. After a few pulls I learn that I don't have the required hate...So we decide to keep kiling Fomor's around for subligar drops. So a Red Mage drops, and I convince Joelizzy to let the poor little JP RDM lot it, he agrees. So then DRK and NIN subligar drop and I lot both of them since I have NIN at 75 and I plan on taking DRK to 75 next I think. After a long while of killing Fomor's, I finally have enough hate to pop the Swift Belt NM. So I pop it and we fight it and I get it! 1/1 ! I was so excited, big thanks to Jurgen for sticking it through until 3:50 AM!
So after that we decide to farm more subligar, namely thief. Now Joelizzy's thief is 65 and mine is 75, with that being said I think its pretty fair that we both can lot any Gemini Subligar that drops. So on the last boss a Gemini Subligar drops and he rolls a 711...I stare at the screen and pray for a higher lot and roll a 832 (or something) and he drops party and proceeds to warp. I tried telling him that I'd help him tomorrow and that I had to go because it was 4:30 AM and my girlfriend was practically raping me... But he told me since I "renigged" on something I never agreed to in the first place, he'd never help me again. As I lol'd at that with my LS, a few people had stated some problems with him and labeled him selfish and a gil buyer, both of which I don't doubt. I felt bad for this one person who didn't get anything or cap their Fomor hate in the night so I told them to friend me and I'd commit to helping them sometimes tomorrow. So..recap: 3 Subligar and 1 Swift Belt tonight!

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