Monday, May 19, 2008

{Welcome Back!}

Well, I've just returned from an 8 day cruise. That was a nice little break from technology and a good vacation. We hit some rough waters through the duration of the trip and still, 3 days later, I am rocking with the waves. So today we did Omega and it went very smooth. Got Head, Hands, Feet, and Body. I got the body, which makes me 4/5 Homam, very exciting. :D
There you can see me in my schnazzy new body piece. I've been meritting lately and figured that Homam would be better on mobs which I use meat dishes for, considering its +15 Accuracy and +2.5% Triple Attack boost to my already 10 Triple Attack. I think it'd be nice for Colibri and such, but stuff I use sushi for, I imagine Raparee Harness being better with the haste +4%. I'm trying to cap merits in all things before I decide what I really want to do but I have left:

12 Merits to finish out HP/MP
27 Merits to finish out Attributes
21 Merits to finish out Combat Skills
18 Merits to finish out Magic Skills
9 Merits to finish out T1 Thief abilities
18 Merits to finish out T2 Thief abilities
A LOT of merits to finish T1&T2 Ninja abilities
21 Merits to finish out T1 Summoner abilities
21 Merits to finish out T2 Summoner abilities

141 merits to go.

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