Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So I'm walking around Whitegate bored, seeking on SMN when this little dude says hi to me. It's Coejus. Coejus has a reputation for being a pretty respectable player from what I gathered. So he asks me to tag along Nyzul Isle assault as THF, so I do. We did 2 runs, only 1 Denali dropped from 60th I think. After our 1st run they gave me a pearl and we did the second.
On the 20th floor was Adamantoise, which dropped nothing for us. So then we decided to do a ISNM for Khroma Ore. We did 6 runs and eventually I was the only one who got the ore.
That was definitely cool, it eventually ended up selling overnight for 350,000 G, which was great because I was running low on gil. Paladin has been completed to 37 now, making it my 11th 37+ job. According to FFXIAH.com, only 4.994 million exp until Maat's cap! Thank you Coejus and Croxx and friends for the fun.

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