Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well...Been a real long time since I've had any real ambition to post because I really don't play too often anymore, however I've been playing Puppetmaster lately and actually enjoying it. ^^;

I didn't really understand how the job worked at first but as I got to play it and as I still do, I'm enjoying it more and more. While the job does require some pretty expensive parts, it's fun. I doubt I'd have the patience or capacity to take it to 75, but I spose it'll be another job to take to 37.

I've given though to taken MNK to 37 also, followed by BLU, followed by BST. With those jobs all being at 37, I'd have every job at 37 and can then decide which job I'd want to take to 75 next. I've considered taking BRD or something next to 75, but fear being a BRD whore to events and such.

As for latest accomplishments, I got a Wind and Ice Grip from a pick-up ZNM that I did with Coejus, which helped give me some extra cash since Puppetmaster was weighing in on my purse. Also I acquired Nashira Gages for my Summoner which is always cool, it's been a desired item of mine since I began ShutUpAndDance limbus.

I've heard about people being banned for duping items and such in Salvage and I've heard a few people who I knew were banned. :( To them - I hope it's a temporary ban and not a permanent one :/. Although you did violate the ToS...I don't know if you guys should be permanently banned from a game you've been supporting since and/or before North American release.

Anyways, I'm done for now. ^^ I'll post pics later or blog about how limbus goes later.

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