Thursday, April 02, 2009

Katoke's Tarutaru Day Care Center!

Been pretty busy lately, Sclera and I have been doing a lot together. Whether it be camping KA, to getting organs for Gorgets, to doing hagun ENM, we've been pretty close lately. He said it the best when he said that the game goes a lot smoother when you got a ride or die buddy. Here's some pictures of what I've been doing lately...
Tarutaru Day Care Center!
Tarutaru and 1 mithra, or MANTHRA as Teffy put it. Was pretty good, got about 6 merits or so in that party alone.

Here is Looco showing off his impeccable dying skills while Sclera and I are farming organs.

And here is a picture after I called a GM because it looked like Jokers was holding Ixion, but they managed to actually get people there...I thought it was funny because I was /anon and the GM knew my job z0mgg!! At least GMs still have a sense of humor.

Got a Khroma Ore ... That was a highlight.

Helped Malasia do the Mercurial Kris NM shit, biggest waste of my 2 hour, but Aable gave me 5,000 gil because the Albatross Ring dropped! (100% drop -_- )

Hagun ENM Success. Was a nice bit of cash, was able to fund HQ staves I bought off a friend for half AH price.

Sclera , Fiftygill and I doing KCBCNM.... And Sclera and I hitting the elevator up right as Fifty comes into view LOL. Fun.

That's pretty much what's been going on lately! Einherjar with LB has been pretty cool lately, Sclera got E. Body last Odin run, so congratulations to him, he deserves it. Did some Ixion with LB and stuff, but not much has been going on lately. Term 2/3 is coming to an end here, so I will be having a new and more flexible schedule lately I think, as I only have 1 class everyday from 12:30-3:40 or something. I also hit 4/5 upgrades on Strength in the past 2 days, only 9 more merits to go until thats closed :D. On a side note, I want to see if SCH/RDM can solo KCBCNM, because I think it can. When we did it, I always seemed to have more MP than Sclera and nukes did about the same amount of damage. And now bio homeworkkk....Suuucksss..

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