Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In reflection of everything, been about 4 years, 5 months at least since I've been playing the game. I've taken breaks from the game for extended periods of time, but have to say being with a great group of players and making connections in game, it's been hard to get away from FFXI. My friend who recently quit had asked me if I still enjoy the game or do it out of habit and I thought about it for a minute. I really do it out of habit for the most part, as it's just a way to fill a void between free time I have and shit to do. There are times when I don't enjoy the game, when I find it boring, frustrating and makes me actually pissed in real life. One of those nights, could have been last night, but wasn't. Things didn't go well, in a few instances and it probably may have made people pissed, but I think after a while you learn to just laugh at it. While addressing what exactly it may have been that caused the failure. Lately, I've been seeing some negativity in game, which I don't really think is necessary when playing a game like this. Really, when it comes down to it, we all learn at times and it's easy to learn new things, especially in a game such as FFXI if given a chance. Been trying to take a more official supporting member role in LB lately. Find myself trying to lead people, deter arguments or confusion and just offer support to sacs as need be. Going to be starting limbus again, something I've missed after thinking about it. The old group we ran with was great, but lacked numbers to accomplish anything other than the few zones you can low man manaburn so it was difficult to lead. That being said, I can understand the plight that leaders may have in this game when trying to do things on a broader spectrum, such as end game. If people aren't motivated or coming out to events, how do you deal with that? I remember being easily frustrated after what may have been careless wipes or just accidents (won't call them mistakes, because they're easily avoidable). I don't really know why I'm writing this, kind of just sat down and let it come out, but to come full circle, four years and change and finally got a peacock charm!

Was pretty cool. Well, still have to finish MNK to 66. Been thinking about getting a WAR testimony and take on maat and then repeat for each job I get to 66. Sold a ton of useless shit I had collecting dust in my MH today too, total profit, probably like 12k from NPC. Anyways, merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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