Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Day

So I wake up at like 8 this morning ... To work on this god damn 10 page paper thats due 5PM Friday...And then I decide to log FFXI while I work it. So I decide to eventually hunt my SMN Temple of Uggalepih Coffer...So I head there and die once ... Forcing me to HP I eventually return to hunt the coffer. And I'm there against this lvl 50 JP SMN for like 15 minutes when I spot the coffer through the wall. This was after I told myself... "I'll just wait like until 9:30 AM at least before I leave" and the coffer popped at 9:28 AM.

So I get the doublet and I'm so happy! And then I have class and work ... So after work I attempt to camp the Toraimarai Canal Coffer Key as NIN and it took me like 1,000 EXP before I just gave up. Tonight my limbus shell did Proto-Omega and with much success we got 2 of the worst drops.

So that was overall a good run I spose for the people who were in line for those. Congratulations! Next I decided to go back to Toraimarai Canal for coffer key as Thief and on the last mob I finally got the key...
I decided to head back to Jeuno and help my buddy Bloodjinn do the Magicite Mission 4. We head to Castle Oztroja and I direct him toward the Mee Deegi The Punisher camp because there are a lot of people there.. So we're camping for twenty minutes and it pops!

Image courtesy of Bloodjinn.

Big ups to my little taru friend for voking it. Needless to say we didn't get the drop but taking it from Tohmane and Ryskar was fucking way TOO funny. I was lol'ing for about 20 minutes. So I just spent the rest of the night guiding him to the magicites. :D

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