Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well recently I have been doing a lot of running around with the new expansion and I have to say that it is so discouraging that you have to run around that much. Also, not only do you have to run around, but none of the zones are the same so you have to find the entrances and such. The mobs are all like level 60+...Just such a weird expansion. So I finally completed Sandy and Windy quests up to mission 3 of the new expansion. I can't express how angry I was just sitting here running through zone after zone after zone...Such a fucking timesink. I completed my Summoner AF recently, kind of cool to have my first mage set of AF.

Also , we did another Omega run with ShutUpandDance Limbus LS and I was fortunate enough to get Homam zuchetto (Head). Relatively useless, but still looks cool. Acc + Haste is kind of cool if you cap out haste.

I tried camping Mee Deegi after maitenance...But some other random Galka got him with no drop. Such a waste of time really, I think I'm going to throw together a BC run to do that and try to get O. Kote and what not. I only need 3 more avatars (including Fenrir).

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Dyce said...

Katoke! lol What up man?