Thursday, December 20, 2007

Summoner almost done

I've managed to grind out like .... 75k exp in the past day and a half. My summoner now sits like 12,000 to 70. It's going to be cool to have a 3rd job 70+. Anyways, since my summoner now nears end game, I figured it best to compile a list of things I need to get for all my end game jobs

Yinyang Robe - Very easily doable once I can find out the TOD of the NM.
Astral Signa - Perhaps not such an easily obtainable item, however a great way to reduce spaces in inventory at the cost of 1 Perpetuation (compared to HQ staffs)
Nashira Gages - Great item for Summoner's from Limbus. With the Limbus shell I have now and how it currently stands, with regular attendance this item will be mine the 2nd time it drops.

Any of the AF2 pieces from Dynamis would be great too, once I can start working in that area of the game. Suggestions as to what other end game pieces are valuable to summoner would be appreciated.

Byakko's Haidate - One of the most valuable sky items a Ninja can fetch. The haste +5% makes these a viable piece of equipment for any ninja.
Kirin's Osode - Not necessarily needed, but it should increase the output on some Jin's or Ku's.

Basically for my Thief, I'd like to get the remaining Hectatomb pieces and perhaps pick up the Phomiuna Aqueducts subligar body as well as Bravo's subligar. As always, Assassin's Armlets are the ambition of any Thief.

Anyways, I gotta get up for work tomorrow and then do some limbus... Any comments are greatly appreciated :D.

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