Monday, December 31, 2007

MPK'd at Shikigami Weapon fun! w

So today I decided to devote to Shikigami camping as I just got my SMN to 71. So we get there and we start at like 6. This random Japanese player Gaogao decided to MPK us by zoning mobs we were near before we brough Shiki there to have them repop and aggro us. We got it down to 50% and it depopped then, only to have them claim it. So they got the robe.. the damn JP kept calling me mean and everything and I called a GM on them. The GM conversation afterwards helped make me feel a bit better~

Hah, so yea.. Spent the rest of the night getting my MPK'd level back with Faisa~ He's a nice guy...Hoping to try for Shikigami again soon eventually.

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