Sunday, February 08, 2009

Well, there is my job list as of February 8, 2009. I'm pretty satisfied with it. I have 370 recorded days of playtime, yet I feel as though the number is a little high. Going AFK with FFXI up and stuff can skew the playtime. I understand 4 jobs at 75 might not seem like too big a deal, but I think it is considering the jobs I chose to level. Thief was my first to 75 and quite a struggle, especially with the old experience points system in place. Thief was a fun job, I believe I used to level it with a Elvaan ninja, and we pretty much were level partners. Or I even leveled it with Doodlebug, so long ago. Ninja was kind of expensive, but getting it to 75 was fairly easy and fast. Ninja is a lot of fun and I enjoy playing that job as well. Summoner was also fun and relatively quick to 75, with it being a placeholder for WHMs in parties that needed main healing. Scholar was also pretty quick to 75, with its flexability to fit as a BLM or a WHM. Ultimately I feel as though my gameplay experience isn't truly reflected in my jobs per se, but moreso some of the ra/ex gear I've acquired.

I have to say I'm pretty happy with the amount of gears limbus has afforded me. From the Ninja Garb +1 equipment, to the Summoner +1 equipment, Nashira Gages for summoner and to Homam Gear for Thief, it's been a real blast doing limbus with ShutUpAndDance. Kitsume is great at managing the shell and Fishura, Sclera, Jurgen and Akanea's dedication to the shell are really impressive. I'd really like to start getting more gear from sky, but that's always something that can be done on the side.

As far as other things go, I have 163 merits, which is roughly 1,630,000 experience points. To me that seems a little impressive, as that amount in merits accounts for 1/5 of my total job experience points. Final Fantasy Auction House ( is really a great tool to track Maat's Cap experience, merits, and overall status. While I was bored and trying to learn Cocoon (Blue Mage spells take a while to learn and are a pain in the ass), I built item sets there for all my jobs and my non rare/exclusive items.:With 114 non rare/exclusive items, based on current Odin Auction House Fees, my equity is 7.4 million gil...Pretty neat. Well, I plan to take BLU and BST to 37 next and then decide on my next 75 job.

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