Sunday, March 08, 2009

Croxx was DRUNK!

Alright, so a lot of shit has been going down. Recently, I applied to LimitBreak, an end game shell on Odin. Sclera put my application up for me, he's a pretty cool dude. I've also been grinding Bard hard the past week. Sclera and I also have been trying to start a Nyzul Isle static, which has been fairly shaky, but we're making progress. Currently we're on F25, which isn't too bad, but if we hadn't had so many failed runs, we'd probably be on F50 by now. It's hard to find skilled, reliable players who can be consistant with runs every 3-4 days. Sclera is a great player and someone who I admire in the game and he's always been there to assist me. But yeah, I recently completed all Bard Artifact Armor, which is cool.
Managed to get 57-62 just yesterday alone and today I ended up going and completing the AF by getting the coffer from Zhavl and killing Dark Spark. Pretty mundane fight, I managed to Aura Steal Berserk from him and it boosted my attack from like 315 to 513.
Anyways, Croxx came back from a wedding last night and was drunk, it was amusing.And Sclera and I camped KA ... but sadly didn't get the claim :(

Also, here is a pic from yesterdays Scandelous linkshell East Ronafure [S] party.

So yeah ... That's pretty much what it's been lately. I've been helping my friend Steve get some AF shit too ... I also dinged level 63 today...On a different note, only 3.9 million exp until Maat's Cap! I know it sounds like a lot, but it seems like it'll go quick once I start leveling :D.

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