Monday, March 16, 2009

Yeah, that's right, I got into LimitBreak! Holy crap! Thanks to Sclera and other people who posted positively on my app, it's an honor. Lately I've just been partying with Looco, Sclera and Croxx, leveling BRD and stuff... Was in my first Greater Colibri burn party today and sort of forgot that they linked ... Wiped our party on the first pull, but we recovered and eventually were doing about 16k an hr, I think my highest chain was around 30. Not too bad for first time being at that camp and being level 71 bard. And here is a prime example of our partying last night until liek 4:00 AM .... Looco let our 2004 camp get stolen ... Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad of xp/hr.

Sclera, Stonedsophist and Myself did the Hagun ENM and this is all we got!

Also did the Enhancing Earring and Enfeebling Earring ENM .... Which ended in nothing but clusters... I haven't had any luck making money in the game lately. Croxx, Sclera and I also did a ISNM run for Khroma Ore which ended in Sclera, Myself and Chickem being the only ones who didn't see an ore their run. ..

Oh well, all is well, BRD will be done soon, I can get a shitton of merits and then focus on another job to 75. Also, LB will keep me busy enough as is lately, so that will be fun.

Thanks again!

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